Tree Trimming and Pruning Fort Lauderdale

P.B.C. Fort Lauderdale Tree Service – Your tree service solution provider serving Fort Lauderdale and all of Broward County, Florida. We are experts in tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding and Tree Pruning .


We are fully licensed and Insured .
We specialize in the following Fort Lauderdale Tree Services
• Tree Removal •Tree Stump Removal
• Tree Trimming and Pruning • Debris Removal Service
•Lot Clearing • Hurricane / Storm Cleanup
• Tree Removal – Our company specializes in the removing of all sorts of trees. Our professional climbers and state of the art related equipment, are prepared for every size project without difficulty.
• Limb Removal – Removing lower limbs to provide clearance below a tree.
• Deadwood – Removing any dead limbs and branches that may cause damage if they fell.
• Thinning – The selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement throughout the tree canopy.
• Stump Grinding Removing of tree stumps to avoid stumbling dangers and also to assist in replanting or natural beauty for the property or home.
• Tree Bracing – Tree supports and bracing are utilized to assist structurally vulnerable trees which are subject to damage from wind gusts, hard storms, or perhaps the weight of their very own limbs and vegetation.
• Inspection for Hazardous Trees – P.B.C. Tree Service can regularly examine your trees for typical potential risks that may affect your health and safety. Trees and shrubs growing directly into power cables, right up next to homes or other buildings can create a safety concern. Dead or rotting limbs ought to be eliminated before falling and harming automobiles or leading to personal injury to individuals.
• Land and Lot Clearing – P.B.C. Tree Service is outfitted to take care of all of your property and lot clearing work. Whether it be brand-new construction as well as restorations on current properties, P.B.C. Fort Lauderdale Tree Service can certainly handle the task effortlessly.
• Tree and Shrub Pruning – Shrubs and trees should be trimmed to help maintain health and well-being. Pruning assists in maintaining balance and ideal development through the entire growing season. Each plant possesses its own original requirements and our tree surgeons understand this when undertaking work on your residence.
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